Lil Wayne Announces Clothing Line “Rebirth”

22 Jul

Lil Wayne recently announced his clothing line “Rebirth”. The line shares the same name as his latest album release. I’m not a fan of Wayne’s musical endeavors but if his clothes appeal to me, I may just rock them.

He announced the line in XXL magazine and was quoted as saying, “I want—I just figure people want to be funky like me, so I got my clothing line.” 

In the interview he also stated, “I wear a whole buncha items at one time, you know what I mean? I be figuring you at least want one of them items.”

I’m not much of a flashy person in terms of wearing a ton of things that sound out. If it’s not the shirt, it’s the shoes. If it’s not the shoes, it’s the hat. I feel that when he refers to the work “funky” to describe his clothing line, he is going to set out to make clothes that are a bit too vibrant and attention seeking. We’ll see though.

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