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Watsky – Danger [Video]

19 Jul

Watsky, also known as the Pale Kid Who Raps Fast, is set to drop his latest mixtape, “A New Kind of Sexy”, on August 1st. If you don’t know who Watsky is, I suggest you read up on him. He’s the hip-hop Michael Cera…just not as awkward and probably better with the ladies.

Alpha MC – Lets Get Drunk Tonight [Video]

19 Jul

Knocksteady are a group of guys from Los Angeles who have a lot of connections in the L.A. hip-hop scene. They cover good music and Dumbfoundead, one of the guys at Knocksteady, recently brought in his Swim Team group member, Alpha MC, to drop a new song.

Bars Brown – My Last Freestyle

18 Jul

Bars Brown drops a nice remix of “My Last” by Big Sean and represents for New England hip-hop. He has skills.

Intuition – “Best Fool” Unreleased [Video]

13 Jul

Intuition, a blogger over at Knocksteady out in L.A., recently premiered hid unreleased song “Best Fool” live on Knocksteady’s weekly show. The dude hails from the white state of Alaska but moved out to L.A. a few years ago. He has skill and he definitely brought that cold and raw vibe with him in his mini exodus. It’s unclear whether this is part of a new project he’s been working on but either way, I’m excited to see him still ripping it like always.

Snow Tha Product – Holy Shit

11 Jul

Female emcees are heavily slept on or disrespected and Snow Tha Product is the reason why that shouldn’t be the case. Snow lives in Texas and represents what a female emcee can do. She’s blown me away and has me hyped for her upcoming album “Unorthodox” which is set to drop later this month

The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles [Album Review]

11 Jul

Imagine you’re a kid again and it’s Christmas Eve and the clock is taking it’s sweet time to move to the next minute. You just want to wake up early as possible, no matter what time you went to bed, and rip open those presents. Your parents are excited to see your grinning faces as you find out you got that X3600 toy gun or the Barbies you had been asking for all year. Your dad is a bit upset that you asked for the Barbies but at least you’re happy.

The Cool Kids, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, are your parents tomorrow and you’ve been waiting roughly three years to get your hands on their very first album. An album that they’ve been diligently working on on two different fronts.

The first work they put in was to ensure they had control over how the album sounded. In an interview with HipHopDX, Inglish was quoted as saying, “I think our time spent was to protect ourselves from all of the perils of the music industry. It allowed us to keep what we started. There is no third party.” It’s clear in your first time hearing the album that they wanted it to stay true to who they are. The beats are still as funky as ever. The famous Cool Kids swagger is there and you can feel it all the way through from the very first track, “Rush Hour Traffic“, all the way to the last track, “Summer Jam“.

The second piece of work they put in was progressing as artists. The album is not your usual Cool Kids music due to the fact it’s not about the shoes that they wear or anything they talked about on their previous projects. This is where The Cool Kids gain some cheers along with some jeers from myself. The Cool Kids used to be that group you could go to and know that if you were down with the sneaker game you’d be jamming out to their stuff. There was no debating it. It was different and if you rock the hottest exclusives, you’re probably down with being different. It’s not to say this album lacks any of that Cool Kids flavor because it certainly does not.

The album contains eleven tracks and feature some big name artists such as Bun B, Ghostface Killah, Asher Roth, Pharrell, and Travis Barker. Their Pulled Over by the Cops group member, Chip Tha Ripper, also makes an appearance. Maxine Ashley, Tennille, and Stones Throw artist Mayer Hawthorne all lend their voices to the album as well.

“When Fish Ride Bicycles” is easily one of my favorite projects of the year and has some surefire summer jams. The production on the album is top notch and makes it hard to find a sore spot on the album. If the beat isn’t drawing you in to the song, the lyrics will and vice versa. Luckily, the album is mainly made up of songs that have both bases covered.

Brook – Remember The Fireworks

10 Jul

Brook is a relative unknown in the world of hip-hop but it doesn’t mean the dude doesn’t have talent. His mixtape “Remember the Fireworks” is a well done tape and shows that . The intro has a smooth beat and has some very slick lines but it might be the best song on the tape. That’s not a shot at Brook because the mixtape is actually quite good. It has some low points but they never reach the point where you’re wanting to skip the song. The dude has talent and and it’s a plus that he’s from my home state, Massachussetts.

Download – Remember the Fireworks

Small Eyez – Get Involved Music Video

10 Jul

Small Eyez recently released his newest project “NWORDS” in July which you can cop on his bandcamp page for free or cough up a bit of cash as a donation.

Bandcamp – NWORDS

Wax – “Two Wheels” Music Video

10 Jul

Wax recently released the music video for his song, “Two Wheels”.

DreKidd – City of Champs EP

9 Jul

Andre “DreKidd” Simmons dropped a gem last December that got very little coverage outside of a select few sites. His mixtape, “The Fix”, was a really solid debut for him. This “FreeP” is just as good, if not better, than his debut mixtape and it shows that he is progressing as an emcee. The L.A. emcee is also coming out with a new project very soon titled “Liberation”. We’ll be keeping you up to date on this new project as well.

Download – DreKidd – City Of Champs EP

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