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iRneKo – WithLoveFromKC [Mixtape]

12 Aug

Pretty good tape from the midwest up and comer. I know that no one wants to download a whole shitload of songs from some guy they have never heard so you can stream and download it below.

DOWNLOAD: iRneKo – WithLoveFromKC

Quay Meanz – Speakers And Franklins (Mixtape)

12 Aug

Taylor Gang/Heavy Hustle member just dropped this tape.

DOWNLOAD: Quay Meanz – Speakers & Franklins (Mixtape)

Meek Mill – Dreamchasers (Mixtape)

11 Aug

Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill drops his first mixtape since the release of the Selfmade album.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Dreamchasers (Mixtape)


Diamond Supply Co. Presents: Bambu [FreEP]

10 Aug

DOWNLOAD: Bambu – Bambu EP

B.Lewis – Plug [FreEP]

9 Aug

Here’s one of the dopest instrumental projects that I’ve heard in a bit. He definitely has an electronic sound that mirrors that of some like Knxwledge but I think he is even doper. It’s very glitchy music, but as long as you have appreciation for music down that alley, you will truly love this. Especially since he manages to utilize vocal samples very well which not many artists like him can do.

DOWNLOAD: B.Lewis – Plug EP

J-Live – The Live Identity [Mixtape]

9 Aug

This is the first of a trilogy of mixtapes that J-Live is putting together combined with new, old, rare and classic. This all leading up to his next album dropping in September. Luckily this is on Bandcamp so I can download the tracks that I don’t have =).

1 The Bourne Live Intro
2 Can I Get It?
3 The Best Part
4 A Charmed Life
5 Walkman Music
6 Aaw Yeah
7 Feel Like Spitin’
8 The Upgrade
9 Poetry In Motion
10 Talk About
11 Braggin Writes’
12 I Say Peace
13 Brand Nu Live
14 Coming Home/Coming Home Remix
15 Vacation
16 Break It Down (Brady Version)
17 Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix)
18 This Is The Formula
19 Them That’s Not
20 She Said What?
21 Parts Unknown
22 Watch Sun Watch
23 Give It Up (from Think Differently)
24 The Truth
25 No Time To Waste/9000 Miles
26 School’s In
27 Epilogue
28 Undivided Attention/Satisfied?
29 The Way That I Rhyme
30 Treadstone Outro

DOWNLOAD: J-Live – The Live Identity [Mixtape]

Kaimbr – Mr. Miyagi [Beat Tape]

8 Aug

DOWNLOAD: Kaimbr – Mr. Miyagi [Beat Tape]

J. Cole – Any Given Sunday 2 [FreEP]

8 Aug

Only 3 tracks deep.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Any Given Sunday 2 [FreEP]

Moufy – Boston Lights [Mixtape]

6 Aug

Moufy is a kid making a ton of noise in the Boston scene. He isn’t too relevant elsewhere yet. I haven’t listened to the tap yet so I can’t say if it is good but I’ll get to it eventually.

DOWNLOAD: Moufy – Boston Lights

Jesse Futerman – Super Basement [FreEP]

4 Aug

Jesse Futerman is another Canadian artist and he as well can fit the term of “Dope”. Futerman is a producer who incorporates jazz instrumentals to create a low-key, Jazz synth type of sound. The Whole EP is free for download below.

DOWNLOAD: Jesse Futerman – Super Basement [FreEP]

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