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Quan – I Do It (prod. Nottz)

13 Aug

Here’s the first single to his upcoming project, Glorious Struggle.

DOWNLOAD: Quan – I Do It (prod. Nottz)

Omar LinX – You’re Wrong f. Redway

12 Aug

DOWNLOAD: Omar LinX – You’re Wrong f. Redway






D/WILL & Les Izmore – The Line (Super Soul)

12 Aug

And D/WILL is on to the next project, this time with Les Izmore. Here’s one single off of it.

Lil Wayne – She Will (Ft. Drake)

12 Aug

Download the new single off Weezy’s upcoming album now.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – She Will ft. Drake

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Sean Rose – Beautiful

11 Aug

DOWNLOAD: Sean Rose – Beautiful

Jelani – The Extravaganza

11 Aug

Quick Bit: Had this beat for a while (read: years), and I finally dug it out and used it as canvas for something that I’d wanted to do for a very long time: put on a lyrical show that makes use of the English language in a way that’s never been done before in Hip Hop, yet somehow not have it be a really “Rappity Rap” and “Super Backpack” type of track. I think I nailed it, though. The concept was to take the prefix “ex”, and other words with a syllable that stressed the “ex” sound, and flip it into a cohesive song. Lyrical Show + “Ex” Words = The Extravaganza, fittingly. I flipped it 67 times in the song. – Jelani

DOWNLOAD: Jelani – The Extravaganza

Vado – Key To Life

11 Aug

DOWNLOAD: Vado – Key To Life

Shawn Chrystopher – Too Cold

11 Aug

First official single off Silent Films For The Blind, which drops September 13th.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – Too Cold

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Kids These Days – Clear Eyes (prod. Blended Babies)

11 Aug

Here’s the follow up single to their Hard Times EP from one of my favorite acts in general. They decided to drop this I guess in honor of them performing at Lollapalooza yesterday.

DOWNLOAD: Kids These Days – Clear Eyes (prod. Blended Babies)

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown – The Trenches [Apollo Brown Remix]

11 Aug

God damn Apollo.

DOWNLOAD: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown – The Trenches [Apollo Brown Remix]


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