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Dumbfoundead – Green [Video]

28 Jul

The dude Dumbfoundead just dropped a new video for his song “Green”. He’s been laying low for a while but it seems he’s really been honing his skill for the hip-hop world to hear. Duke Westlake does what he does best, make the beat rock. VerBS, Alpha MC, Intuition, and DJ Zo all make appearances in the video.

Alpha MC – Lets Get Drunk Tonight [Video]

19 Jul

Knocksteady are a group of guys from Los Angeles who have a lot of connections in the L.A. hip-hop scene. They cover good music and Dumbfoundead, one of the guys at Knocksteady, recently brought in his Swim Team group member, Alpha MC, to drop a new song.

Intuition – “Best Fool” Unreleased [Video]

13 Jul

Intuition, a blogger over at Knocksteady out in L.A., recently premiered hid unreleased song “Best Fool” live on Knocksteady’s weekly show. The dude hails from the white state of Alaska but moved out to L.A. a few years ago. He has skill and he definitely brought that cold and raw vibe with him in his mini exodus. It’s unclear whether this is part of a new project he’s been working on but either way, I’m excited to see him still ripping it like always.

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