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Loyal KNG – “Rebellious Intelligence”

20 Jul

The first thing I think of when I think of hip-hop is the beats whether they’re from Exile, J Dilla, Lex Luger, or more recently Tyler, The Creator. Then I move to the lyrics that come from the mouths of Shad, Blu, Fashawn, Intuition, Wax and Childish Gambino. Another feature of hip-hop is the movement of “branding” or “promoting” clothing companies and catch phrases.

Style and hip-hop have coexisted for the majority of hip-hop’s lifespan with Run D.M.C. rocking “their Adidas”, Wale rocking his “Nike boots”, Tyga bringing the “snapback back” (regardless of the fact the Cool Kids did it first), and Tyler, The Creator rocking his “Supreme box logos”. Hip-hop has been the main reason for a lot of clothing companies gaining a large fanbase recently. I personally used to sag my pants, rock the lastest shoe craze, and wear hip-hop apparrel such as Rocawear when I was in elementary school. That’s a bad look now for the most part as styles have changed.

Long story short, Fashionably-Early has extended it’s reach into the world of clothing and is willing to bring you, the reader, closer to brands that you may not have heard of but deserve your attention.

I recently got to speak with the owner of Loyal KNG, a clothing company that is set on backing the hip-hop culture and doesn’t mind throwing some pop culture references into their designs.

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